Vancouver Domestic Violence Attorney

Protecting or Defending Yourself – The World of DV and Restraining Orders

If you are getting harassed by a neighbor, someone you dated, a spouse, or other relative, Attorney Laura Mancuso is there to support you. Sometimes one can be harassed by the other party taking you into court often or unnecessarily. Laura can speak for you in court and speak with the adverse party (whether the petitioner or the respondent). Laura can also be there to seek or defend against a restraining order, protection order (DV, FAPO, or VAPO), harassment order, or No Contact Order. With over 20 years experience in these cases, she knows the difference between each order. If the allegations are not true and not necessary for a court order. When you need an order to protect yourself or others, she knows what is needed by the court to grant your request. Too often orders are denied just because the person lacked the knowledge of what the court needs to grant one. She can explain where you need to file your petition – District Court, Superior Court, or – for those in Oregon – Circuit Court.