Vancouver Estate Planning Attorney

No one can tell the future. Because of that, Laura Mancuso believes it is best for her clients to take action now to protect their loved ones in the future. Her estate planning services through Mancuso Law Office PLLC help her clients understand their needs and plan for their estate, so they can avoid an unexpected crises. If you do not have an estate plan in place, or are not certain that your estate plan is accurate and effective, contact your Vancouver estate planning attorney, Laura Mancuso, today.

Experienced Estate Planning Attorney in Vancouver

As an experienced estate planning attorney, Laura Mancuso knows how to guide her Vancouver clients to the right choices for their future planning. She is ready to answer questions for her clients with care and compassion, so they can make wise, informed decisions. If you are struggling with knowing what to do to protect your estate, you can trust Mancuso Law Office PLLC for help.

Start Planning for Your Estate Now

It is so important to plan for the unexpected before a crisis occurs and when you are healthy. Those plans may mean you need to have a power of attorney for health care, sell your house or car, take care of your children, create a trust or craft other legal documents necessary for your family and circumstances.

There are many times in life when it is a good idea to consider your estate plan. Many times individuals have sought out Attorney Laura Mancuso for estate planning services before going on a vacation or after a loved one has had an accident or died. Sometimes in these instances, waiting too long creates undue stress. Though it is much easier to provide advice and create documents during the “calm before the storm,” Laura is quick to respond when time is short and action must be immediate to protect assets and provide peace of mind.

When you come to Laura seeking the services of an estate planning attorney in Vancouver, she will listen to what you want to have happen, discuss ways to avoid probate and discuss how to best show your healthcare intentions to your family and doctors in cases of accident, illness and death. With her clear and caring guidance, planning for those events does not need to be scary when you have Laura Mancuso to help and advise you.