Vancouver Family Law Attorney

Family law cases are some of the more challenging you face. Whether you’re fighting for the custody of your child, are facing a pending divorce or are working to ensure proper support is being paid, emotions can run quite high in these situations. Attorney Laura Mancuso is a Vancouver family law attorney offering a variety of family law services, with a personal approach that ensures her clients understand what to expect in the days ahead. If you’re facing a family law need, contact Mancuso Law Office PLLC for help.

Varied Approaches to Family Law Needs

There are many ways to address a very difficult time in your life. Attorney Laura Mancuso will walk you through these ways and discuss which ones may be best for you and your family. Her approach is varied depending on your goals, with as little or as much support as you need. She can handle everything for you with the other party and court, or she can be there has backup to support you as much or little as you need if representing yourself. These types of choices are called bundled and unbundled, and you can choose the level of legal support you need.

 Experienced Family Law Attorney in Vancouver

As a family law attorney serving clients in Vancouver, Laura Mancuso is able to tap into over two decades of experience in the field. Laura has many years of experience in the following: divorce (contested, uncontested, default), custody (called “primary residential parent” in Washington), child support, spousal support,  post-secondary educational support (for college), relocation, modification of support, modification of parenting plan, and non-parental (third party) custody.  For clients in Oregon, Laura has also assisted grandparents in getting visitation rights or custody in addition to those matters already listed.

As you can see, the many different types of family law cases require the right hand to handle. If you are facing one of these needs, contact Laura Mancuso to discuss your case. She is ready to provide the expert guidance and caring support you need in the days ahead, so you can move through your family law concern while doing all you can to protect your rights and best interest.